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About Autism Needs You

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Autism Needs You is a non-profit organization based in Orange County, California that is dedicated to assisting children with autism spectrum disorder and their families. The primary mission behind our organization is to provide the educational and therapeutic programs that developmentally disabled children need to thrive.

Who We are

The CFO for Autism Needs You, Juan Marin has first-hand experience with autism spectrum disorders. The inspiration for our organization came to Juan after he spent years watching his sisters autistic son struggle every day with the condition. His nephew faced insurmountable behavioral issues, major sensory issues, an inability to cope with the environment. Setting out to help in any way possible, John took it upon himself to read everything he could about helping autistic children. Through education, patience, and military precision, Johns sister and family are now leading a happier life, despite the challenges that autism presents them with. After this experience, John decided to reach out to other families with the same situation, first by spreading awareness and then by donating iPads with apps and designs that help autistic children improve their motor skills.

What We Do

Today, through Autism Needs You, our CFO is still reaching out to help families both by creating innovative educational and therapeutic programs for developmentally disabled children, and also by donating to programs who have greater resources to aid more children. We are passionate about helping families overcome the challenges autism presents, and the only way we can be successful in our mission is with your help.

Why Support Autism Needs You

Autistic children frequently find independent existence in society difficult to impossible. This places a serious burden on families as the child moves towards adulthood. Children and adults unable to cope with the responsibilities of adult life either end up completely dependent on their families or welfare programs. We believe this doesnt have to be their fate. Thats why we offer an alternative that sets up programs that can give autistic children a real shot a living life on their own terms.

When you support us, you support children and families who dream of a better life every night. We truly hope youll find it in your heart to join the movement and make their dreams come true.