What are the different types of autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) according to studies, affects one out of every 68 children in America. The significant overlap among the varied types of autism and the variation in symptoms  among autistic children have led to the concept of ASD.

ASD is four times more common in boys than in girls. The increased number of kids with autism however is unclear if the number of diagnoses is from early and improved detection or a real increase in number.

Just like other medical conditions, early diagnosis is important to help an autistic child develop significant social and language skills.

Early diagnosis is important. That’s because early treatment can help a child with autism make significant developments in language and social skills.

So what are the common signs of ASD? A child on the spectrum has problems in social interactions, verbal and non-verbal communication, behaviors and interests.

No child with autism are ever the same. One will always have a different autism pattern.

There are times when a child’s development is delayed from birth. Others  may  seem to develop normally then they suddenly lose language or social skills. Some would display normal development until they have enough language to communicate strange thoughts and behaviors.

The loss of language is the major disability in some kids on the spectrum. While  some children have strange behaviors such as spending hours lining up toys.

Alhough parents are generally the first people to notice, however, autism diagnosis  is usually delayed.  Physicians or parents may downplay early signs of ASD by suggesting that symptoms may be  slight delay in the child’s development or simply just a phase.

It was only recently that the forms of ASD has been determined. The three types are:

1) Asperger’s syndrome (AS) – The mildest form of autism. Kids with AS have normal to above intelligence and they are usually obsessed with one topic or object. They have impaired social  skills and are sometimes uncoordinated and awkward.

2)  Pervasive developmental disorder, not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS) – This applies to most kids with more severe autism than Asperger’s syndrome, yet not as severe as autistic disorder.

3)  Autistic disorder – Kids who meet more rigid criteria for a diagnosis of autism have autistic disorder. They have more severe impairments involving social and language functioning, as well as repetitive behaviors. Often, they also have mental retardation and seizures.

How to Help Kids With ASD

The easiest way to help kids with autism is spread  awareness. Use your social media accounts to share news, stories of kids with autism. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @autismneedsyou and use the hashtag #autismneedsyou to get updates about ASD.

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