How an iPad can help a child with autism.

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Autism spectrum disorder affects three different areas of a child’s life. These are social interaction, communication both verbal and non-verbal and finally behaviors and interests. Different children with ASD will have different pattern of autism. Current studies have shown that ASDs affect one out of every sixty eight children in the U.S. They mostly affect boys than girls.

Thanks to the release of iPad which was first introduced in April 2010. Since then, there has been much that has come to benefit children with autism spectrum disorder.

Here are some of the ways of how an iPad can help a child with autism.

· IPads have customized options

The iPad can be tailored to cater for the child’s specific needs, this makes it more preferable as compared to traditional devices. Children have different requirements and thus, creates need to generated customized options.

· Portability

IPads are highly portable. The advantage of portability gives children more time of using the gadget. On the contrary other learning materials like desktop lack portability features which makes it nearly impossible for a child to be with it at all times.

· Availability of touch screen

It’s a lot easier to operate a touch screen than typing. IPad is more accessible for children who have learning or coordinating difficulties. Children using iPad find tapping and sliding motions more convenient than typing.

· Availability of learning application

Applications such as Proloquo2go have greatly contributed in enhancing children with ASDs to learn. It’s a single based voice output communication app which can be programmed to personal specific needs. Unfortunately, the program is not for free. Before making any purchase or installation of an application for your child, you should consider its flexibility.

· A child can enjoy independent learning and leisure time

Children are free to learn on their own and still play different games when they are free. idependence creates free will in children to enjoy what they are doing without being told what to do.

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  1. Clare Lee Reply

    Great post! I got my 3 year old sons an iPad through family fund last year and I’m certain it has unlocked something in my little boy x

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